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Surrogacy Regularization in India

Couples across the world, be it India or Australia, wish to expand their progeny. If infertile, they would consider In Vitro Fertilisation, Surrogacy or Adoption as the three options have a child. While thousands of couple journey miles and miles to find the most apt surrogacy clinic that matches their criteria, the surrogacy industry bloats with both right and wrong constraints. My opinion is not contrary to those who criticise the unregulated surrogacy sector in India. Anything unregulated is dangerous. Voids in surrogacy laws are filled with exploitation of surrogate mothers, reaping wrongful advantage of commercialized sector and compromising quality of medical procedure. Such voids are harmful even for the doctors who are genuinely helping couples with infertility are suspected of bending the laws. These reputed doctors have repeatedly become the victims to calumny.

Recently, Union Minister for Health, Dr Harsh Vardhan's wrote an editorial, published on The Hindustan Times, about surrogacy titled 'Right to motherhood, right to a mother'. In his article, he discusses how the unregulated surrogacy industry in India poses a great threat to the country's poor, disenfranchised women, who are compelled to become surrogate mothers to battle poverty. He writes: 

"A woman’s body goes hormonal change as she is prepared for intrauterine insemination or intra-cervical insemination or, less commonly, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection or in-vitro fertilisation. She is also put through many other risks. For instance, under the jungle raj that prevails in this trade, the testing of the donor for various diseases is mostly absent. Also, there is wide ignorance of the fact that the chances of conception through artificial insemination are at best 35% and that too for women under 30."

My thoughts echo with Dr Vardhan’s on surrogacy. There are human rights activists, who have spontaneously displayed their rage over the issue. We, at Pahlajani Surrogacy Care, not only obey the rules but ensure that every surrogate mother gets the best care.

Surrogacy Regularization in India
Surrogacy homes ensure monitored care of surrogate mothers throughout the pregnancy, for them to incubate the fertilized eggs of infertile couples. The day surrogacy care opened the doors of commercialization in India that added gross benefit to countries exchequer. However, the lucrative trend bought addition responsibilities for doctors to ensure finest services to both medical tourists and surrogate mothers. Unlike other clinics, which were brought under the legal scanner for scrimping on surrogate pay,Pahlajani IVF Clinic ascended towards safeguarding the rights of surrogate under the legal norms of the country.  

Sizable surrogacy programmes in Pahlajani IVF Clinic recruits women suitable to become a carrier for infertile couples. The clinic ensures legitimate incentive to surrogates against a yearlong benevolence of a surrogate. In the latest crafted legislation of Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi ensures notarized agreement between prospective surrogate and applicant couple to ensure the safeguard of interests of both. With monitored nurturing to assure smooth pregnancy, Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Center ensures after pregnancy checkups for healthy living of a surrogate.

We wait for the surrogacy bill to be tabled this winner session of parliament.

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

Obstetrician & IVF Specialist
(MS, DNB, FMAS, DRM - Germany)
MBBS - Lady Harding Medical College - New Delhi
MS - Obstetrics and Gynecology (PGI - Rohtak)
DNB - Obstetrics and Gynecology
FMAS - World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons
DRM - Diploma in Reproductive Medicine (Germany)
Fellow in IVF & Embryology – (USA)
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