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How Pahlajani Surrogacy India is different from other one

Infertility, Intended Parents and Surrogate mothers
Infertility is a big problem now a day’s because of the urban population becoming too westernized and problem of modern society living culture; both male and female are more prone towards career building and especially female skipping their most fertile period till mid thirties. Sometimes for the sake of career building they sign a contract in which the clause of maternity leave is not there, thus the problem of infertility sets in. This gives an opportunity for the infertility treatment or if not conceive finally survive for surrogacy. Thus the demand for Infertility treatment and surrogacy gets its top most priority in India. We understand that infertility is not about being unable to conceive it is also the trauma individual or the couple passes through. India is the cheaper destination and low cost treatment provider with quality medical procedure and high success rate. The cheaper availability of surrogates in India is attracting a lot of couples from all over the world who are unable to have children.

Pahlajani Surrogacy India is a centre where Doctor and Experts implant an embryo into the womb of a surrogate mother. If everything goes well then in nine months time surrogate mother will deliver a baby. A team of doctors, lawyer’s medical professionals and support staff work in assisting the birth of babies by surrogacy to Indian and International intended parents to see smiles in the face of childless couples.

Pahlajani Surrogacy India has very detailed and rigorous criteria for choosing surrogate mothers. The surrogate should be between 21 to 35 years of age. They are married with previous normal deliveries and healthy babies. Detailed medical history, surgical history is looked and only a few are chosen. The hospital authorities maintain a record so that the same woman will not take the same task within a stipulated period of time.

In our surrogacy centre, many childless couples from India and abroad are coming with hope of getting a child through a surrogate mother. The couples prefer surrogacy than adoption; the parent can find their own identity with the child.

How Pahlajani Surrogacy India is different from other one.
Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani is an experienced infertility specialist of Pahlajani test tube baby centre who offers patients a combination of excellent clinical expertise, strong experience and warm personal care. Dr Neeraj Pahlajani and her team are among the most experienced IVF - Surrogacy providers in India with High success rates. Our Professionals has hands-on experience to perform all donor/client scans, egg collections and embryo transfers under one roof. Pahlajani Surrogacy India’s embryology team is experienced and sought after by IVF and surrogacy centres across India. We enjoy a higher than normal positive pregnancy results with 75% of donor egg/surrogacy clients achieving pregnancy on their first try. 90% of clients are pregnant on their second efforts, very few clients need to try a third time. Our miscarriage rate is lower than national and international averages.

Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Centre is brand new and equipped with the latest medical equipment. We are proud of the modern facilities we have created for the comfort of our surrogates, donors and clients. Our centre is the best among the hospitals in the world in terms of medical care and comfort. Pahlajani Surrogacy India follows the guidelines for IVF and Surrogacy practice recommended by the Indian Council of Medical Research. In the absence of Indian legislation regulating surrogacy agreements, ICMR guidelines set out code of ethical standards our practitioners closely observe.

We understand how difficult it can be place your dreams of a family in the hands of a clinic in a foreign country. Most of our clients start the surrogacy process feeling alone and overwhelmed, but unwilling to give up what is, for them, a basic human need – to love and nurture a child. Every single client, past and present, has walked a difficult path in their pursuit of creating a family; most of our clients have suffered years of infertility, or had repeated miscarriages and failed IVF treatment. We understand how difficult it is to have your baby growing so far from home. We provide regular test results throughout your treatment and pregnancy. 
Surrogacy and their types

Traditional Surrogacy:
Traditional or Straight surrogacy is the simplest and least expensive form of surrogacy and is also known as artificial insemination.  The surrogate mother uses an insemination kit to become pregnant using the intended father’s semen.  The baby will therefore be conceived using the surrogate’s egg. Some people prefer to use a clinic for inseminations, but it can also happen at home and can therefore seem a more natural and less ‘medical’ way of becoming pregnant than host surrogacy.  It can, however, can be harder emotionally for both the surrogate and the intended parents.

Gestational Surrogacy:
Gestational or Host surrogacy is when IVF is used, either with the eggs of the intended mother, or with donor eggs.  The surrogate mother therefore does not use her own eggs, and is genetically unrelated to the baby.  It is physically more complicated and considerably more expensive than straight surrogacy and always takes place in a fertility clinic. Some Surrogates prefer this method as they may not be comfortable with using their own eggs in surrogacy.

There are three stages to gestational surrogacy:
1.       Egg donation:  The female Intended Parent, or the egg donor, undergo special procedures to extract a number of eggs
2.       Fertilisation:  The egg is fertilized with semen in the laboratory
3.       Transfer:  The fertilized egg is transferred into the womb of the surrogate mother

The fertilized egg can be transferred to the surrogate either ‘fresh’ or after having been de-frosted from egg storage.  For a fresh egg transfer the monthly cycles of the surrogate and the egg donor must be synchronized, and this is done using hormone medications.  In cases where embryos have been frozen already and the de-frosted embryos are being transferred some IVF clinics will insist on the surrogate mother taking hormone medications to ‘ready’ her womb lining.

The Complete Cost of Surrogacy in Pahlajani Surrogacy India:
Surrogacy costs in India may be less expensive than in your home country, the process is still expensive. Be aware that there are significant costs beyond those typically quoted in a surrogacy package, including travel costs, medical costs not covered by the package, and especially the cost of multiple tries. Because the full cost of having a baby through surrogacy includes much more than just the payment to the clinic, it's worth being clear on the full surrogacy costs at the outset. Listed below are approximate surrogacy costs at Pahlajani Surrogacy India.

Foreigners are attracted to India because it is cheaper than in the West to have a surrogate child. The 'package' for surrogacy can vary between Rs.9,00,000 to Rs.15,00,000, including the cost of doctors, legal fees, antenatal care, surrogate compensation, egg donor, drugs and consumables, IVF costs and other additional Charges in Pahlajani  Surrogacy India.

The price of surrogacy has been increasing. There are many factors driving the increased costs like life insurance for the surrogate, higher surrogate compensation, strengthening Rupee and they are likely to keep going up. Prevailing exchange rates also affect the cost, as most of the clinics charge in Rupees.

Each clinic quotes fees differently and can change their packages over time, so the fees listed may not be apples for apples comparisons. Use them as guidance only. Confirm with the clinic you select what is, and is not, included in the fees, and compare with other clinics. Often included but to be confirmed are the IVF procedure for the egg donor and surrogate, payment to the surrogate, the surrogates medical checks during pregnancy, any housing fees for the surrogate, and delivery fees. These criteria of fees are often structured as follows: 

IVF Procedure:
» Surrogate Recruitment
» Surrogate endometrial preparation
» IVF fees

Surrogate Pregnancy Cost:
» Surrogate compensation
» Antenatal care for surrogate
» Surrogate caretaker
» Surrogate housing
» Deposit for any required antenatal hospital fees
» Life insurance policy for the surrogate
» Delivery

Additional Fees:
During a cycle, there are many possible additional fees. Fees that may not be included in a standard price list include:
» Egg donor fees, including housing for egg donors
» Medication, especially if you start your cycle at home
» HIV/STD screening for you and our partner before starting the program
» Additional medication
» Additional ultrasounds
» Additional blood tests
» Embryo freezing and thawing
» Amniocentesis
» Surcharges for twins
» Selective reduction
» Termination
» DNA testing
» Agency fees if a third party sources or assists in monitoring the surrogate
» Additional housing fees for the surrogate
» Hospital and medical charges for complications during delivery
» Neonatal care for premature delivery
» Delivery charges (check whether these are included or not)

Legal Facts in India
Single men, women and even gays and lesbians could soon get the legal sanction to have children using surrogate mothers. The draft Bill legalizing surrogacy in India - The Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Regulation Bill 2010 has provided for single parenthood by allowing “unmarried couples” and “single persons” from India and abroad to have children using ART procedure and surrogate mothers. The Bill, with potential to rewrite the social landscape, may be tabled in the monsoon session of Parliament if the Union Cabinet clears it.

Commercial surrogacy is legal in India. But it’s still unregulated in our country as we don’t have legislation controlling surrogacy. And although the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has set ‘national guidelines’ to regulate surrogacy, these are still simply guidelines. All that this means is that surrogate mothers need to sign a “contract” with the childless couple. There are no stipulations as to what will happen if this “contract’ is violated.

The Indian Council for Medical Research gave guidelines to help regulate Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures. The Law Commission of India submitted the 228th report on Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures discussing the importance and need for surrogacy, and also the steps taken to control surrogacy arrangements. The following observations had been made by the Law Commission:

Surrogacy arrangement will continue to be governed by a contract amongst parties, which will contain all the terms requiring consent of surrogate mother to bear the child, agreement of her husband and other family members for the same, medical procedures of artificial insemination, reimbursement of all reasonable expenses for carrying child to full term, willingness to hand over the child born to the commissioning parent(s), etc. But such an arrangement should not be for commercial purposes.

A surrogacy arrangement should provide for financial support for the surrogate child in the event of death of the commissioning couple or individual before delivery of the child, or divorce between the intended parents and subsequent willingness of none to take delivery of the child. A surrogacy contract should necessarily take care of life insurance cover for surrogate mother. One of the intended parents should be a donor as well, because the bond of love and affection with a child primarily emanates from biological relationship. Also, the chances of various kinds of child-abuse, which have been noticed in cases of adoptions, will be reduced. In case the intended parent is single, he or she should be a donor to be able to have a surrogate child. Otherwise, adoption is the way to have a child, which is resorted to if biological (natural) parents and adoptive parents are different.
» Legislation itself should recognize a surrogate child to be the legitimate child of the commissioning parent(s) without there being any need for adoption or even declaration of guardian.
» The birth certificate of the surrogate child should contain the name(s) of the commissioning parent(s) only.
» Right to privacy of donor as well as surrogate mother should be protected.
» Sex-selective surrogacy should be prohibited.
» Cases of abortions should be governed by the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971 only.

Home Ministry Guidelines 2012:

The Home Ministry has issued new Guidelines in July 2012 regulating visas of foreigners coming to India seeking surrogacy

» They must be on a 'medical visa'
» Only a heterosexual couple married for two years is eligible for the visa
» The home country's foreign ministry or embassy must certify they recognize surrogacy
» There should be an official assurance that the child/children will be allowed to enter the home country as a biological child of the couple
» The procedure must be done at an assisted reproductive technology clinic recognized by the Indian Council of Medical Research

Process of Surrogacy:

Surrogacy is an expensive and complex treatment option, which is best reserved for women without a uterus. Research shows that the reason for failed implantation is much more likely to be genetically abnormal embryos because of poor quality eggs, rather than a uterine problem. For women with repeated failed IVF cycle; repeated pregnancy losses; and older women, donor egg IVF or embryo adoption is a much better choice, because it's less expensive.

» Find out if your embassy will allow you to take your baby back with you after you surrogacy treatment.
» Our legal consultant can guide you.
» Our legal consultant will explain all the legal formalities you need to comply with and will get your signatures.
» Our legal consultant will explain all the legal formalities of your surrogate on your Surrogacy Agreement and Contract, so that it is legally.

» Pahlajani Surrogacy India is a world-class clinic for Surrogacy treatment which will maximize your chances of success and give you peace of mind you did your best.
» Treatment can be expensive, but a baby is priceless. Our charges are very cost effective because of our high success rates.
» Send your registration fees so we can start Surrogacy treatment process.
» Come to India for treatment.
» Have realistic expectations, Surrogacy has a high success rate.
» Once your surrogate gives birth, fly down to India; and then fly back with your baby.

Contact:               Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani:    +91 9770997645
     Dr. Sameer Pahlajani:  +91- 9329630455


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Does Bollywood, Set trends to boost IVF-Surrogacy Fertility Industry

Every time babies born through surrogacy are in news; After Aamir Khan, Bollywood megastar Shahrukh Khan is all set to become a father for the third time having through a baby via Surrogacy.  We thank to the Khans of Bollywood; the growing fertility industry is happy. It is time for the industry to attract more couples and medical tourists from Europe and America as well as local would be parents. Incongruously, it was his arch-rival Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao who made headlines by declaring they were having a baby through in-vitro fertilisation or IVF which went a long way in making these topics mainstream and getting rid of the taboo attached to it.

"Surrogacy is slowly becoming a popular trend in India. Top quality equipment, favorable pricing and a hassle-free 'legal' process has made it ideal for couples who fail to conceive naturally," says Dr Neeraj Pahlajani, Senior IVF Consultant at Pahlajani Surrogacy India.

“The incidence of infertility is much more prevalent than what we would like to believe. Up to one in six couples have difficulties in conceiving and many seek medical advice and treatment. But bells of joy are ringing in the life of many such couples, thanks to increasing awareness about Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Procreation is the greatest, most amazing gift of nature. Whether or not one believes in rival theo­ries about origin of life, the arrival of a new-born is always a moment of pure joy. Great civilizations and great cre­ations are the result of the urge to leave the best for posterity. And posterity is what most humans are engaged in cre­ating.

Human reproduction is a complex sci­ence of union of chromosomes but it all begins with a union of two individ­uals of opposite sex with that specific purpose - procreation. Our huge pop­ulation might suggest otherwise but the fact remains that reproduction still remains one of the most serious prob­lems faced by our people. For those who are physically and physiologically normal, having a biological offspring of their own is just about as natural as any other activity but for those who face difficulty in having a child of their own, the disappointment and trauma are unimaginable.

But thanks to new, emerging tech­niques in human biology- particularly reproductive biology - it is now possi­ble for all those unhappy couples to get a little bundle of joy they can call their own child. Practices of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) have brought about a much-needed revolu­tion in human biology that has helped bring in happiness to hundreds of thousands of households around the world, but also helped the society get over the unfortunate stigma associ­ated with childlessness. The subject has been prohibited in the media and entertainment industry with the 2001 film Filhaal being the only serious attempt to focus attention on the issue. However, a string of recent events have not only brought the subject of assisted repro­duction out into the open for public discussion, but also revealed the ex­tent of the problem of infertility.

Infertility affects approximately 13-14% of reproductive-aged couples. It is defined as the inability to conceive after one year of properly timed, un­protected intercourse. This definition is based on the cumulative probability of pregnancy. If a woman in the reproductive age group and her partner have been trying to have a baby for at least one year with­out success, there are many tests, which can be done to find out the reasons why. If the cause of your infertility has not been investigated previously, the clinic will carry out the necessary tests. These tests may include an analysis of the man's semen and the conditions of the woman's uterus, fallopian tubes and cervical mucus.

While some patients will need only advice others may need drug therapy or surgery. But some may need counseling to go in for assisted re­productive techniques. The possible treatments of infertility include drug therapy; surgery to im­prove blocked or damages fallopian tubes; intra-uterine insemination using the husband's sperm; insemina­tion using donor sperm if the husband or partner has no sperm or very poor perm or risks passing on an inherited disease, in-vitro fertilization (IVF); egg donation with IVF; embryo donation and a few other techniques. An increasing number of women aged above 35 years, especially profession­als and upwardly mobile, are now re­ported to be opting for having children through IVF technique.

Experts suggest that late marriages, ca­reer priorities and finance are the key reasons for this trend. National Registry of Assisted Repro­duction in India, which main­tains records of all in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedures in India, reveal that the number of women seeking test-tube babies has more than doubled since 2005. Doctors say that nearly 60% of patients above 40 have difficulty in conceiving naturally. The delay in opting for preg­nancy can be attributed to various rea­sons such as late marriage, career priorities and financial security. And due to awareness of procedures like IVF, women in their late 30s wanting a baby are more open to approaching doctors.

In Raipur - Chhattisgarh, the Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Centre does 150-200 IVF procedures annually, of which more than 50% are for women over 35. Most of these women are in the middle class, upper middle class, and high society, includ­ing many career women trying to beat the biological clock.

In National and International Arena
Celebrity endorsement of ART may be a recent happening in India, but in the west, it has always been a subject that captured public imagination. A host of celebrities have admitted without hes­itation about their reasons for turning to surrogacy. Hollywood actress Jen­nifer Lopez is reported to have gone in for Assisted Reproductive Technology at the age of 38; Other Hollywood celebrities included Emma Thomp­son, Courtney Cox and Celine Dion. A recent example is that of Hollywood actress Elizabeth Banks has a ten-month-old son through surrogacy and combines work as an actress with her new role as a mother.
Back to Bollywood again, assisted reproduction has become much talked-about because of a series of developments. First it was the birth of a child to film director Farah Khan who had been very open about the IVF procedure she chose to have a child. "I wanted to have chil­dren at a particular time and I had to choose IVF for it," she has said on record.
In December 2011, actor Aamir Khan announced the birth of a baby boy through surrogacy. His wife Kiran had a serious problem because of which she had problems in child birth. She had been advised IVF with the help of a surrogate, and this led to the accomplishment of having a son for her and Aamir. In the letter that Aamir and wife Kiran released to the media they thanked mir­acles of science and read: "This baby is especially dear to us because he was born to us after a long wait and some difficulty." It added that because of some complications, "we were advised to have a baby through IVF-surrogacy, and we feel very grateful to the Almighty that all has gone well."

Hopefully, this will take away the stigma attached to IVF in general and surro­gacy in particular, and more and more couples aspiring for parenthood will us surrogates to help them complete their family. IVF specialists hope that more and more couples shed their fears and come forward to fulfill their hopes of parenthood. However, some experts point out that if surrogacy gains popularity then it may become more acceptable as a method of family building and many-other infertile couples will follow blindly therefore misusing or overus­ing this technique. Due to lack of a proper law on surrogacy, the process remains a grey area. Presently, guide­lines formulated by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in 2005 are used for surrogacy cases. The latest development to clear the air about ART was the film Vicky Donor. Sperm donation laws vary all over the world, for example a single woman in India is allowed ART but it is illegal in various countries, so interested couples might travel to India where it is legal. Films -in India and elsewhere - have always played a crucial role in spread­ing awareness about social issues and problems. Right since the days when to interpretation of previously unthinkable subjects, films and tel­evision have helped in forming of pub­lic opinions. Hopefully, ART will be more widely acceptable now. 

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Pahlajani Surrogacy India: Very Low Cost Surrogacy and Surrogate Mother

Each year, an estimated 25,000 foreign couples visit India for surrogacy services, resulting in more than 2,000 births. Surrogacy is a negotiate in India  running anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000, the service is roughly a one fourth of the U.S. price and the traditionally lax regulations surrounding the industry have made it a popular destination for couples from countries where surrogacy is not legal, including several European nations and most of Australia. The combination of excellent medical facilities and attractive cost brings couples from all over the world to India.

Infertility is not about being unable to conceive, it is the trauma that an individual or the couple passes through. Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction. Surrogacy, sometimes dubbed "rent-a-womb” is a procedure by which a woman carries another women's fertilized egg to term, usually in cases where the biological mother is unable to carry the pregnancy. Many couples that cannot bear children are increasingly turning to surrogacy as a possibility to fulfill their parenthood dreams.

In general, couples first investigate surrogacy in their home country.  Some couples find that either the cost, or their country's legal environment, makes it very difficult to pursue surrogacy and then start investigating options for surrogacy abroad.  The most common overseas option is surrogacy in India. The high cost of surrogacy in Europe and the US means many Western women are outsourcing pregnancy abroad.

Commercial surrogacy is a booming industry in India with legions of childless foreign couples looking for a low-cost, legally simple route to parenthood. It is estimated that the industry now generates more than $2 billion in revenues annually with an estimated 2000 surrogacy births in year 2010, up to 50% in two years. Part of the demand is financial, in the USA; the cost of surrogacy is around 100 thousand dollars. In India, it is about half- and that includes all medical expenses.

Aspiring parents for whom surrogacy is not an option in their home countries can easily find a surrogate mother for hire in India to expand their family. In many countries around the world, surrogacy is either too expensive, illegal, or not available to certain demographics. Surrogacy in India is available to all. Surrogacy costs for a single successful round typically range from $15,000 to $20,000 with success rates as high as 50% depending on the age of the woman providing the eggs. 

Once the journey of surrogacy is decided then the question arises next is the selection of surrogate mother. If the couple has decided to go for surrogacy abroad in India then they are at advantage. Same like the surrogacy treatment the cost of surrogate mother is also cheaper in India. Prospective parents can expect to spend 50% less on a surrogate mother for hire in India than they would in a developed country. The low cost of surrogacy in India may surprise you. The factors responsible for low cost of surrogates in India includes

A.       The biggest factor responsible for such low prices is the cost of living in India which is significantly cheaper than in the Western countries.
B.       Healthcare facilities available are cheaper in India. In fact, India is a very popular destination for medical tourists seeking great deals on everything from cosmetic surgery to dentistry to heart surgery.
C.       Many surrogacy clinics in India offer attractive packages that includes facilities like fees of doctors, fees of surrogate mother, legal fees, other medical necessities like tests and medications, Visa /Passport for Parents and New-Born, IVF/ICSI procedure including Embryo Freezing, Medications and other expenses for the surrogate, hotel accommodation and site seeing for intended parents. This makes it very advantageous for the foreigners.

Surrogacy arrangements currently costs from $15,000 to $20,000 approximately in India, most out of which actually goes to the surrogate. How much money goes to the surrogate mother depends, just like in any profession, on the experience of surrogate mother. For the surrogate mothers who are starting first time the amount paid is less then compared to the amount paid to the experienced surrogate. But normally about one-fourth of the package price goes to surrogate mother.

Normally surrogate mothers in India come from lower middle-class families. Surrogate mothers do it to enhance their family's financial condition. Many do it to pay their debts, to buy their own house or get their children a good education.

Pahlajani Surrogacy India is getting on a quiet revolution regarding a secure, permissible, affordable, and frustration-free journey to parenthood. The center has all the facilities required to deliver a full range of services to couples requiring assistance conceiving.

Pahlajani Surrogacy India’s services offered at the Infertility Clinic includes basic work-up of the infertile couple, One Stop Fertility Diagnostic Services including IUI, IVF , ICSI, Egg Donor, embryo Adoption, Sperm Donation , Sperm Banking hormonal testing, Diagnostic Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic, Reproductive Endoscopic Surgery, Fallopian Tube Recanalization, Minimally Invasive Ultrasound, Uterine Artificial Insemination, Semen Cryopreservation, Semen processing, Ovulation Induction & Monitoring, Evaluation of male patient, Gonadotropin Cycles, Embryo Freezing, Oocyte Donor Program, Surrogacy, Assisted Hatching, Surgical Sperm Retrieval. Over the 21 years of experience in Infertility treatment since its inception.

Pahlajani Surrogacy India: Self IVF Embryo, Donor Eggs & Self Sperms, Self Eggs & Donor Sperms Surrogacy

Are you looking out for some good and affordable surrogates who can lend you their womb? Well if this is the case then you can think of hunting for some good options; that is Pahlajani surrogacy India. We have some great Surrogacy programs through which you can get cheap surrogacy. In case you willing to go for surrogacy but cannot do that because of the cost then not to worry. There is a great alternative that you can choose for this problem of yours. Today there is reasonable affordable surrogacy available in some parts of the world. You can go there and get affordable surrogates. The best option available with you for the purpose of reasonable surrogacy is India. Here you can easily realize your Dream of "own" baby with surrogacy and that too in a very reasonable price.

India has become the top international surrogacy destination for couples and even single men and women who have not been able to have children through natural means. The success of the procedure in Pahlajani Surrogacy India is greatly attributed to the cutting edge technology, highly qualified fertility specialists, social acceptance of surrogacy, and low cost of surrogacy, all leading to India's high success rate in gestational surrogacy.

Going for surrogacy is a very big decision. It involves lot of ethical, moral, and also financial issues. This is the reason you need to be very careful while taking a step ahead in choosing surrogates. The surrogacy is a very expensive process to.

But for your knowledge there are also affordable surrogacy options available in many places. There are few countries where the cost of surrogacy is not that high as it is in some countries. So those who are willing to go for affordable surrogacy can think of this option. 

Surrogacy or Surrogate refers to alternate or a substitute. In medical terminology, surrogacy indicates an arrangement whereby a woman agrees to undergo the pregnancy, labor, and delivery for another individual who either cannot through artificial insemination or surgical implantation of a fertilized ovum or embryo.

Commercial surrogacy is legal in India, as recognized by the Supreme Court of India in 2002. Now we can say that India is one among the emerging country as a leader in international surrogacy and fertility. Indian surrogates have been increasingly popular with fertile couples in industrialized nations because of the relatively low cost. Indian clinics are at the same time becoming more competitive, not just in the pricing, but in the hiring and retention of Indian females as surrogates.

Today many couples and singles from around the world travel to India, in search of their quest of their own baby with surrogacy. Simply because there are some good clinics and great IVF Infertility specialist doctors in India, infertility clinics in India. Working with reputable IVF specialist doctors with “state of the art” medical technology in India is an experience. 

Surrogacy is a very expensive process and lots of money will be required. In such a situation if at all you spend money in a very careless manner then it will be far more expensive then before therefore you will have to keep this in your mind and then only take any kind of decision related to the affordable surrogacy for your better family future.

Here Pahlajani Surrogacy India provides you, each and every possible process for surrogacy and maintained also very high success rate of Surrogacy with very cheap and affordable cost. You can start the process of Surrogacy by your Self IVF Embryos or Self sperms and Donor egg or Self eggs and donor sperms. 

Pahlajani Surrogacy India offers Very Low & Affordable Cost Surrogacy in India

A surrogacy in India is termed as an arrangement in which one woman agrees to bear a child for the intended parents and surrender it at birth. This provides an opportunity or a blessing for those who are unable to carry a child themselves to overcome their childlessness and regain happiness in their lives.

Surrogates may carry the pregnancy to delivery after having implanting embryo, to which she has no genetic relationship at all, transferred to her uterus. If the pregnant woman received compensation for carrying and delivering the child (besides medical and other reasonable expenses) the arrangement is called a commercial surrogacy, otherwise the arrangement is sometimes referred to as an altruistic surrogacy. Surrogacy is without a doubt observing a clear surge all this can be due to the possibility that a lot of the patients experiencing the methodology have already been taken care of efficiently. This kind of which has recently been a superb success of research that has had managed to make it achievable for childless married couples to enjoy their little one.

There are many those who certainly desire to start a family, nevertheless for health related reasons are certainly not capable to accomplish that aspiration. Many individuals exploring surrogacy are generally astonished at the associated fee to endure the method. Specifically thinking of there's no assurance that the surrogacy method will probably be productive at the first try. Often it requires plenty of endeavors just before a couple can attain parenthood by means of surrogacy.

The government of India is also trying very hard to make advancements in the fertility clinics of India. The system of healthcare in India is very affordable as well as advanced. This sounds very surprising and a skilled team of surrogacy specialists has been found. The latest technologies of treatment are offered at very affordable prices. It is very surprising to note down that there are thousands of such couples in India who seek Surrogacy in India. They have been highly impressed by the levels of professionalism shown by the surrogacy clinics in India. If a person is going by the records, low cost surrogacy will be offered. However, care is also taken for ensuring that the procedures are carried properly and systematically. The best fertility clinics are available in India. Therefore, thousands of couple's visit and return back to their countries with a smile on their face and a child of their own in their arms.

Surrogacy, along with other parts of India's medical tourism trade, has grown dramatically in recent years with physicians here overseeing an estimated 2000 surrogacy births for domestic and overseas couples in year 2010, a 50% jump in two years. The specialty is a tiny part of a fertility treatment business, including in vitro fertilization, hormone treatment and egg and sperm donation.

You all are aware of the fact that the price of Canada, USA, Australia, Ireland, France, and UK is so high. It might not be affordable for mediocre couples, singles to afford it. But if you compare the prices for surrogacy in India you will find that they are much lower than what it is taken in your country. This is the first and the most important reason why one should choose India for affordable surrogates.

Also Single Parent Gestational surrogacy, Single Parent Surrogacy India, single men, single women surrogacy, and Donor egg with surrogacy, self eggs and donor sperms with Surrogacy, sperm bank all has an option. Affordable Surrogacy in India or gestational surrogacy, its flexibility, relative affordability, Surrogacy Success Rate and minimal regulation have made India attractive.

Pahlajani Surrogacy India having the industries most elaborate and exclusive Patient Care and Clinical Coordination teams, we provide you the smoothest and seamless care ever imagined. 

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Chhattisgarh Medical Tourism : Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Centre

A tour to Chhattisgarh in India means exploring the beauty and grandeur of that city which is blessed with natural bounty and rich culture and traditions. With enjoying a strong nexus with history and being the land of many of the tribal groups which distinctly and remarkably own something different from the other, Chhattisgarh has become a place where you will get to see refined forms of arts and crafts. It will not be strange if you feel completely awestruck by the richness and charisma of the arts and crafts of Chhattisgarh, India. Raipur is the capital of Chhattisgarh and is known for the business, entertainment and shopping districts. The city of Raipur is well connected by air, rail and road and hence is becoming one of the major tourist spots of Chhattisgarh.

History of Chhattisgarh
The history of Chhattisgarh dates back tens of thousands of years. The anthropologists with latest study have discovered evidences of some of the most primitive human habitations in the rocks and caves of this ancient land. As per the mythological history of Chhattisgarh, it is seen that the area goes back to the period of Ramayana and Mahabharata. According to fable the deep Sal forest regions are Dandakaranya itself, where Lord Rama had stayed during his fourteen-year exile from Ayodhya. The uninterrupted history of Chhattisgarh or South Kosala can be somewhat traced to the 4th century AD. Between the 6th and 12th centuries AD the Sarabhpurias, Panduvanshi, Somvanshi, Kalchuri, and Nagvanshi rulers dominated this area.

Till the end of the 18th century AC, in the medieval period, the region came to be known as Gondwana and became an extended part of the kingdom of the Kalchuris who then ruled the region. As per the Muslim chroniclers of the 14th century AD the region also came under the suzerainty of the Mughal Empire around the 16th century and later under the Marathas in 1745. Later Marathas dominated the region and the entire region of Chhattisgarh was somewhat plundered by the year 1758. Following strictly the glorious Chhattisgarh history it is seen that 'Chhattisgarh' was popularized during the Maratha period and was first used in an official document in 1795. With the British interferences in the early 19th century, much of the territory was taken into the Central Provinces. Chhattisgarh also took part in the 1857 Revolution when Vir Narayan Singh, a landlord of Sonakhan, severely opposed the injustices of British rule in the region. In the year 1904 British restructured the region and transferred Sambalpur to Orissa and included the estates of Surguja to Chhattisgarh.
As per the history of Chhattisgarh, India the demand for a separate Chhattisgarh state was initiated by the Raipur Congress unit at the meeting of the Raipur district Congress in 1924. It was seen or rather presumed that the region of Chhattisgarh was culturally and historically separate from the rest of Madhya Pradesh and deserved a special recognition of its own. During that time the plea was not taken into consideration. After the independence of India, the demand for a separate state again was encouraged and in 1955 it was raised in the Nagpur assembly of the then state of Madhya Bharat, which eventually did not materialize. And finally the vision of a separate state of Chhattisgarh became a true reality when it was declared the 26th state of India on 1st November 2000. While educating yourselves about Chhattisgarh general info, it is quite interesting to know about history of Chhattisgarh, India.

Culture of Chhattisgarh
Chhattisgarh is the central state of the union of India and is now-a-days one of the burgeoning tourist destinations of India. People are bound to get captivated by its culture that finds expression in its dance styles, cuisine, and music. The culture of Chhattisgarh speaks for the state and is quite apparent in the lifestyle of the local people. From the normal day routine to any auspicious occasion, Chhattisgarh embodies the essence of true Indian’s.
The ethnic class of the people has contributed a lot to the rich cultural background of Chhattisgarh. Lots of people have settled in this region from different parts of the country. The nature of the local language is such that the people of this region are recognized for their ability to use their language to humorous effect. The people can adapt themselves easily to the new lifestyle and anything that is in vogue. Thus one clearly gets the picture of the rich culture of Chhattisgarh that manifests itself in every aspect of the local people's style of living.

Climate of Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is a newly born Indian state carved out of the state of Madhya Pradesh in the year 2000. Chhattisgarh is an exceptionally well-endowed state in terms of its natural reserves. In fact the national parks and the wildlife reserves of Chhattisgarh act as major crowd pullers. Before you plan a trip to Chhattisgarh there are certain facts that you should know in order to get you acquainted with the state. The climate in Chhattisgarh is one such aspect.  
The latitudinal and longitudinal positioning of a place has a major influence on its climate. Chhattisgarh is situated between 17 to 23.7 degrees north latitude and 8.40 to 83.38 east latitude. Its positioning on the Tropic of Cancer makes the Chhattisgarh climate warm. As is usual with the tropical climate, the summers in Chhattisgarh are warm and humid and the winters are cool. During a typically hot summer day, the mercury can shoot up to 45 degree Celsius. The climate in Chhattisgarh shows a major shift from the sultry heat to the pleasantly cold during the winters. The winters can be chilly with the mercury plummeting to hit the 10 degree Celsius mark. Chhattisgarh also receives a fair amount of rainfall with the average rainfall of around 1400 mm. The entire state falls under the rice-agro-climatic zone. The rainwater is the major source of irrigation and a large variation in the yearly rainfall adversely affects the crop production

Flights to Chhattisgarh
Chhattisgarh which is ascribed to be the 26th state of India is growing rapidly in popularity as most sought after eco-tourism destination in India. Its richness in variety of tourist spots is catching everybody's attention. Art connoisseurs, leisure travelers, nature enthusiasts, archaeologists, adventure seekers, shopping junkies; Chhattisgarh has something for everyone. And being one of them, you are also not going to be disappointed. Each and every aspect of this beautiful state of India is really going to amuse you. You will enjoy your vacations in Chhattisgarh to the fullest extent. And to help you reach Chhattisgarh with ease, a great effort has been made by the tourism industry. There are many ways to reach Chhattisgarh. However, if you choose to embark on an air travel to Chhattisgarh then again it is not a problem. Several flights to Chhattisgarh are operated on a regular basis.
To arrive at Chhattisgarh, you need to come to Raipur Airport which is around 12 km away from the city. This is a very busy airport as countless tourists catch up flights to Chhattisgarh from major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Nagpur and Bhubaneswar.
Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and Air Deccan are the reputed airlines that offer daily services to help you Travel to Chhattisgarh by Air. The regular and efficient services of Chhattisgarh flights have truly made it easy to plan a travel to Chhattisgarh. Besides, if you want, you can reach Chhattisgarh by rail and road routes also.

Cuisine of Chhattisgarh
Chhattisgarh, the newly created state carved out from the state of Madhya Pradesh has been able to carve out an identity of its own even within a short duration of its existence as a separate identity. Chhattisgarh, flanked by the Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh have imbibed some elements from its neighboring states, but inspite of that has been able to retain its individuality in terms of its culture and the cuisines of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh manifests unquestionable allegiance to the adage that implies that the guests are to be treated as the God. Therefore the people of Chhattisgarh are extremely hospitable to and pull out all stops to make their guests feel at home and serve them with the best of what they have on offer. The most commonly accepted notion about the culinary habits of the people of Chhattisgarh is that they are extremely fond of sweets and namkeens. They are unavoidable inclusions in the cuisine of Chhattisgarh. Wheat, Jowar and Maize are the staple food of the people of Chhattisgarh.
The meals that the people of Chhattisgarh have are usually rich in protein content and the lentil feature in a big way in the culinary preparations of Chhattisgarh. Coming to the pulses, the Arhar dal is the most commonly consumed one. The Chhattisgarh people is known for their sweet tooth and their propensity to dig on almost everything that tastes sweet and therefore no price for guessing why the hot jalebis are such a major hit with them. Another popular preparation is the bafauri. The chana dal is the most essential ingredient for this preparation.

Monuments in Chhattisgarh
There are an endless number of Monuments in Chhattisgarh. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world and from all across India visit these Monuments in Chhattisgarh. The popular Monuments in Chhattisgarh, India include Kawardha Palace, Kutaghat Dam, Khadia Dam, Shiva Bhoramdeo Temples, Saroda Reservoir and Ratanpur Fort. Each one of the Chhattisgarh Monuments reflect the ancient architectural styles. The monuments are masterpieces and if you have an inclination towards historical monuments then Chhattisgarh is the perfect place for you.
Monuments in Chhattisgarh
» Kawardha Palace - Kawardha 
» Khadia Dam - Bilaspur
» Kutaghat Dam - Bilaspur           
» Ratanpur Fort - Bilaspur
» Saroda Reservoir         
» Shiva Bhoramdeo Temples

The state of Chhattisgarh is divided into sixteen districts in the name of Dantewada (South Bastar), Dhamtari, Janjgir-Champa, Bastar, Jashpur, Kanker (North Bastar), Durg, Bilaspur, Kawardha, Korba, Koriya, Raipur, Mahasamund, Surguja, Raigarh and Rajnandgaon. The capital of Chhattisgarh is Raipur.
Special mention needs to be made about some of the Monuments in Chhattisgarh, which include Kutaghat Dam, Khadia Dam, Kawardha Palace, the Shiva Bhoramdeo Temples and Saroda Reservoir. The Kutaghat Dam is approximately 10 km from Ratanpur and is a popular picnic spot. The Khadia Dam is well known for its beauty and is about 85 km from Bilaspur. The Kawardha Palace was designed and built in the period 1936-39 by Maharaja Dharamraj Singh. The Shiva Bhoramdeo Temples are located at a distance of 135 kms from Raipur. The Saroda Reservoir is situated about 12 Kms from the Kawardha Palace in District of Kawardha. It is also a wonderful picnic spot and has a beautiful artificial lake.

Wildlife in Chhattisgarh
The newly formed state of Chhattisgarh situated in central India, is one of the most naturally rich states of India. It abounds in eco diversity and supports a wide variety o wildlife population. The dense jungle, grasslands, hilly terrain and sprawling water bodies shelters the wide wildlife species of the region. 44% of the land in Chhattisgarh has been declared as forest zone. Wildlife tourism is rampant in Chhattisgarh. From warmth loving mammals to a rich population of avian life can be found in this bio diversity rich state. Wildlife in Chhattisgarh constitutes a major portion of the tourism in Chhattisgarh. If you are an animal enthusiast Chhattisgarh is the perfect destination for you. Moreover the Government of Chhattisgarh has initiated the construction of many guest houses and lodges beside these National parks and wildlife sanctuaries in order to raise the tourism factor in the state.
Wildlife in Chhattisgarh
» Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary                             » Badalkhol Wildlife Sanctuary
» Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary                             » Bhoramdev Wildlife Sanctuary
» Guru Ghasidas National Park                                » Indravati National Park
» Kanger Ghati National Park                                  » Pameda Wildlife Sanctuary
» Semarsot and Tamor Pingala                                 » Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary
» Virgin Kurschel Valleys Wildlife                            » SanctuaryBarnawapara and Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary
» Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife in Chhattisgarh is a study of different colors, of the prey and the predator. There are at least 3 National Parks and as many as 11 wildlife sanctuaries in Chhattisgarh. If you are planning a Tour to Chhattisgarh don't miss out on the three National Parks - Indravati National Park, Kanger Ghati National Park, and Guru Ghasidas National Park. The most commonly sited animals here are Chinkara, the Indian Gazelle and Chital or Spotted Deer. If you are lucky enough you might catch a glimpse of the rare hill Mynah.

Lakes, Waterfalls & Springs in Chhattisgarh
The rugged terrain and voluptuous rivers of Chhattisgarh make beautiful waterfalls and springs all around the state. The lakes, waterfalls and springs in Chhattisgarh are popular tourist and picnic spots and are yet another facet of the already beautiful natural wealth of Chhattisgarh.

Lakes Waterfalls and springs in Chhattisgarh
» Akuri Nala - Koriya                                              » Amrit Dhara Waterfall - Koriya
» Bodhghat Sath Dhar - Dantewada                         » Charre Marre Waterfall - Kanker
» Chitrakot Waterfalls - Bastar                                 » Dalpat Sagar Lake - Bastar
» Danpuri Waterfall - Jashpur                                   » Ganga Munda Lake - Bastar
» Gavar Ghat Waterfall - Koriya                               » Malanjhkudum Waterfalls - Kanker
» Rajpuri Waterfall - Jashpur                                     » Ramdaha Waterfall - Koriya
» Rani Dah Waterfall - Jashpur                                  » Tiratgarh Waterfalls - Bastar
» Turturiya Springs - Raipur         

The Chitrakoot Waterfalls in Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh are often termed the Niagra of India and is one spot that has been rigorously promoted by state's tourism department. The Chitrakoot Falls roaring down the rocks with a huge volume of water makes a sight surely not to be forgotten. On a tour to visit the Lakes, Waterfalls and springs In Chhattisgarh In India one spot you must never forget to visit the Chitrakoot Falls. The Lakes, Waterfalls and springs In Chhattisgarh India are in fact some of the most visited spots on a tour to Chhattisgarh. Nestled amidst the dense forest growth that Chhattisgarh is blessed with, the Lakes, Waterfalls and springs In Chhattisgarh are also important ecological balancing factors in the environment of the state. In a country where the skies are blackening by the day, the forests receding by miles and the fauna struggling to cope up with the surroundings, states like Chhattisgarh are national asset and every effort on part of the government have been initiated to ensure the safekeeping of the natural splendor of the Chhattisgarh greens. Kendai water fall, Tatapani, Ruksganda water fall, Amritdhara water fall, Kothali water fall, Gangrail Jalashaya, Kharkhara Bandh, Keshkal Teerathgarh waterfall, are the other major lakes waterfalls and springs in Chhattisgarh.

Shopping in Chhattisgarh
How is it possible that you are in Chhattisgarh and do not have spare time for shopping or say you do not plan out for hopping? Shopping in Chhattisgarh, India is the most fascinating and interesting thing to take delight in. And you can not just ignore the richness of the crafts of Chhattisgarh.
Chhattisgarh shopping means splurging on the items given beautiful shape by the tribal people very skillful and create wonderful objects of aesthetic values. Chhattisgarh is widely known for excellent handicrafts that comprise of intricate showpieces, gift items and utility products.

There are many local markets in Chhattisgarh which put on display fabulous bamboo, cane and metal products. These products are of great utility as they are made to use as home appliances as well as in decorating homes.
However, some of the products that make for major shopping in Chhattisgarh include; Wooden objects such as
» Bell metal items
» Wrought iron items
» Terracotta figurines
» Stone statuettes
» Cotton fabrics
You will absolutely feel spoilt for choices on exploring the colorful and vibrant bazaars in Chhattisgarh. All the markets and bazaars in Chhattisgarh are packed with the fascinating range of these items. Your shopping will become a true fun.
Apart from the local markets in Chhattisgarh, you can also check out the several government emporiums and shops where high quality products are sold. You can also go to any of the private shops also. Throughout the state, countless shopping stores are present. So you will never find any problem. However one thing that you must remember that if you are a good shopper then you can make best buys at reasonable prices without much haggling. So simply plan out a day for shopping in Chhattisgarh and strike a favorable deal.

Chhattisgarh Travel Guide
Chhattisgarh travel guide will educate you with information related to tour to Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh State is largely dominated by plateaus streaked with rolling range of Satpuras in the North, the river Mahanadi and its tributaries in the Central Plains and the Bastar Plateau in the South. The Past (Hills) naturally give rise to many rivers namely Mahanadi, Hasdo, Sheonath and Indravati. Interweaved by these meandering rivers and dotted with hills and plateaus, the state has varied natural settings of great beauty. Chhattisgarh travel guide will make you informed about the various attractions and features of Chhattisgarh in Madhya Pradesh. To the north of river Shivnath there were 18 garhs which belonged to the Kalchuris and to the South there were another 18 garhs which belong to the Kalchuris of Raipur. Hence, the total of these 36 Garhs (Forts) formed the origin of naming this region as Chhattisgarh.
Travel to Chhattisgarh by Air

Chhattisgarh commands a good network of aerial routes. Travel to Chhattisgarh by Air is very comfortable and hugely preferred by the travelers. Airway services of India operate an extensive number of Airlines to different parts of India at extremely reasonable rates. Cheap and comfortable Air services in Chhattisgarh in India provide the simplest way to travel to this gorgeous land. Travel to Chhattisgarh by air is very convenient.
The state of Chhattisgarh sounds fascinating with its attraction of virgin forests, meandering rivers, waterfalls, ancient caves and temples and rich tribal population. Hence hundreds of tourists who prefer adventure and fun visit the mysterious land of Chhattisgarh. The capital city Raipur operates good number of flights which rightly solve the problem of how to reach Chhattisgarh by air.
Located in the central part of India, the state of Chhattisgarh is completely surrounded by land, which has made it easily accessible from any part of the country. So travel to Chhattisgarh is very easy. The state features a domestic airport, which is linked, to almost all major airports in the country. Indian Airlines and some other private airlines operate regular flights to and from Raipur.
Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, is the only place in the state that is connected by air to New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar and Nagpur by regular Indian Airlines flights. From Raipur traveling to various interior places in Chhattisgarh is very convenient as it is well connected by rail and road. Travelers who are not comfortable to Travel to Chhattisgarh by Air can easily opt for rail services or roadways. Though time consuming, the journey is pretty comfortable. How to reach Chhattisgarh by Air should not be a problem for any travelers.

Travel to Chhattisgarh by Train
The lure of Chhattisgarh lies in its virgin forests, meandering rivers, waterfalls, prehistoric caves, splendid temples and rich aboriginal population that attract a large number of tourists every year. There are many modes of transport to take you to Chhattisgarh. As the state is located in central India and is land locked, it is relatively easy to travel to Chhattisgarh. Travel to Chhattisgarh by rail and you'll find it is the most enjoyable means journeying to this amazing land. Traveling by rail is thus preferred by a lot of foreign tourists as well.

Chhattisgarh is well connected by rail network and the two major cities that have the railheads are Raipur and Bilaspur. Surface travel to Chhattisgarh is real fun as one gets to travel with co-passengers from differing cultural backgrounds. Getting to know these people inevitably makes your journey seem shorter and more interesting. Travel to Chhattisgarh by rail and you'll cross varied landscapes, through which the rail network runs. The local charm of the place can also be clearly witnessed.
When planning a trip to Chhattisgarh, the first question a tourist is faced with is: how to reach Chhattisgarh. But as the state has two major stations the tourists are not faced with this problem anymore. The government has played a significant role in promoting tourism by maintaining the rail networks properly as a large number of people prefer rail travel since it is relatively cheap and convenient. The capital city of Chhattisgarh, Raipur is the central point between Mumbai and Kolkata both of which are important tourist destinations of India.

Travel to Chhattisgarh by Road
Chhattisgarh is the centrally positioned state of India and has a distinctive charm which ropes in a large number of tourists. The cultural legacy of this state has helped it make a niche among the other culturally affluent states of India. Since Chhattisgarh has an advantageous location you can reach it by any mode of transport. The excitement of a travel lies in exploring the place fully and hence if you travel to Chhattisgarh by road it is going to be an exciting affair for the tourists since the journey takes you through many offbeat places which are not typically in the map of a regular itinerary.
The well-planned network of smooth and broad roadways of National Highways and State Highways link the cities of Chhattisgarh to the different cities of India. You can reach the various interior places of a given tourist destination where rail network does not ply and discover many interesting places of tourist interest. Travel to Chhattisgarh by road adds that complete touch that lingers in the mind of the tourists after they have come back from their tour to Chhattisgarh.
The National Highways (NH) 6, 16 and 43 link all the major cities and towns of Chhattisgarh with the important cities and metropolitans of India. The excellent rail networks make for a speedy and convenient access to the desired places of tourist interest. The road maps of various Chhattisgarh towns and cities are also available. They are accurate and are of great help to the tourists who want to explore the tourist places on their own.
Many road transport vehicles are available on rental for those wishing to travel to Chhattisgarh. You can travel at your own pace if you hire a private vehicle or if you want to experience travel with the locals; there are state transport buses that run at regular intervals from one corner of the state to another.
Traveling to Chhattisgarh by road has its own distinct charm that makes an indelible impression in the minds of the tourists. The far off places that are lesser known can easily be explored through road travel.

Hotels in Raipur - Capital (Chhattisgarh)

Chhattisgarh is rapidly growing as a tourist spot and has in the recent times succeeded in attracting a large number of tourists from the different parts of the country as well as the world over. The capital city of Chhattisgarh, Raipur, is an important contributor. Tourists coming in for a tour of Chhattisgarh put up at the hotels in Raipur.
There are many hotels in Raipur that offer a comprehensive range of facilities and services to the discerning guests. There are different categories of the hotels in Raipur that are categorized according to the type of guests that these accommodations cater to.
Raipur hotels promise to offer excellent facilities and services to its guests. The most significant point about these hotels is that they are located at a convenient distance from the airport and railway station and offer a quick access.
The Five Star Hotels in Raipur are the most lavish and luxurious amongst the hotels in Raipur. These hotels ensure utmost comfort and elegance to the guests thus making for a pleasant and memorable stay for the guests. The multi cuisine restaurants at these hotels offer the most delicious dishes along with the bars offering an exotic range of drinks and spirits.
Amongst the other category of Raipur Hotels, is the Three Star Hotels in Raipur that are also well liked by the business tourists since they offer magnificent facilities for the corporate guests, thus making them an ideal place for the business and conferences. These hotels in Raipur are also fit for the leisure travelers since they have recreational facilities for the guests, thus offering utmost delight of stay. The last category of the hotels includes the Economy Hotels in Raipur. These hotels are known to offer a number of facilities and services at the most economic rates. The hotels are located at the most convenient places and offer easy access to the hotel. The rooms are tastefully decorated, bedecked with the most modern amenities. The amiable and scrupulous staff of the hotel carries on the services that are aimed for the satisfaction of the guests. The interiors are neat, clean and well furnished with the latest decor and trimmings. Hence the Economy Hotels in Raipur are some of the most sought after accommodations in Raipur.
When it comes to the accommodation, the hotels in Raipur have everything that is required to make the stay of the guests one of the most memorable and pleasant ones.

Five Star Hotels
Four Star Hotels
Three Star Hotels
Economy Hotels
Babylon International Hotel

Hotel Shamrock International
Hotel GT Star
Hotel Babylon Inn
Golden Tulip
Hotel Celebration

Hotel Mayura
Hotel Midtown
Hotel Piccadily
Hotel Sharda
Hotel Punjab Palace
Hotel Aditya

Hotel Ajanta
Hotel All Near
Hotel Barlota
Hotel Chhattisgarh
Hotel Kanishka
Hotel Natraj

Raipur International Cricket Stadium
The Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium also known as International Cricket Stadium, Raipur is a new cricket field in the city of Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. It seats 65,000 spectators and was opened in 2008. It is the second largest cricket stadium in India and fourth largest cricket stadium in the world by seating capacity. The stadium was home ground for two matches for the IPL team Delhi Daredevils during the 2013 Indian Premier League event. It was the 19th venue to host any IPL match.
Stadium hosted a Half-Marathon, with the theme "Let us run" on December 16, 2012 to mark Vijay Diwas. Sunil Gavaskar had rated this stadium to as one of the best stadiums in the country and had proposed to utilize it for all types of matches. Irfan Pathan who was in awe of the facilities in the stadium noted that “When opportunities are created, and such facilities are in place, there is the hope that cricketers will emerge.”
The First International Standard cricket match was played between Canada’s national cricket team and the State of Chhattisgarh, the game was an ODI, played on the 21st of November 2010. Stadium is situated close to the Airport in Naya Raipur and is 21 km away from Raipur main city. 

Shopping Malls in Raipur 
Now it’s time to experience world-class entertainment, business and luxury brands in a truly international ambience, Raipur awaits your arrival with a million attractions! in central India's largest mall, Raipur boast of great shopping malls and shops, Hypermarket and Anchor Stores will offer Movies, Multiplexes, Fashion, Disco, Food Court, Events, Gaming, Shopping garments, footwear, perfumes, home furnishings, electronic goods, gift items, health-food, confectionary, sportswear, cosmetic items, lifestyle and jewelry zone with all brands in diamond, gold & silver jewelry.

Eco Cab Services in Raipur