Monday, 3 June 2013

Pahlajani Surrogacy India: Very Low Cost Surrogacy and Surrogate Mother

Each year, an estimated 25,000 foreign couples visit India for surrogacy services, resulting in more than 2,000 births. Surrogacy is a negotiate in India  running anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000, the service is roughly a one fourth of the U.S. price and the traditionally lax regulations surrounding the industry have made it a popular destination for couples from countries where surrogacy is not legal, including several European nations and most of Australia. The combination of excellent medical facilities and attractive cost brings couples from all over the world to India.

Infertility is not about being unable to conceive, it is the trauma that an individual or the couple passes through. Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction. Surrogacy, sometimes dubbed "rent-a-womb” is a procedure by which a woman carries another women's fertilized egg to term, usually in cases where the biological mother is unable to carry the pregnancy. Many couples that cannot bear children are increasingly turning to surrogacy as a possibility to fulfill their parenthood dreams.

In general, couples first investigate surrogacy in their home country.  Some couples find that either the cost, or their country's legal environment, makes it very difficult to pursue surrogacy and then start investigating options for surrogacy abroad.  The most common overseas option is surrogacy in India. The high cost of surrogacy in Europe and the US means many Western women are outsourcing pregnancy abroad.

Commercial surrogacy is a booming industry in India with legions of childless foreign couples looking for a low-cost, legally simple route to parenthood. It is estimated that the industry now generates more than $2 billion in revenues annually with an estimated 2000 surrogacy births in year 2010, up to 50% in two years. Part of the demand is financial, in the USA; the cost of surrogacy is around 100 thousand dollars. In India, it is about half- and that includes all medical expenses.

Aspiring parents for whom surrogacy is not an option in their home countries can easily find a surrogate mother for hire in India to expand their family. In many countries around the world, surrogacy is either too expensive, illegal, or not available to certain demographics. Surrogacy in India is available to all. Surrogacy costs for a single successful round typically range from $15,000 to $20,000 with success rates as high as 50% depending on the age of the woman providing the eggs. 

Once the journey of surrogacy is decided then the question arises next is the selection of surrogate mother. If the couple has decided to go for surrogacy abroad in India then they are at advantage. Same like the surrogacy treatment the cost of surrogate mother is also cheaper in India. Prospective parents can expect to spend 50% less on a surrogate mother for hire in India than they would in a developed country. The low cost of surrogacy in India may surprise you. The factors responsible for low cost of surrogates in India includes

   A.The biggest factor responsible for such low prices is the cost of living in India which is significantly cheaper than in the Western countries.
     B. Healthcare facilities available are cheaper in India. In fact, India is a very popular destination for medical tourists seeking great deals on everything from cosmetic surgery to dentistry to heart surgery.
     C. Many surrogacy clinics in India offer attractive packages that includes facilities like fees of doctors, fees of surrogate mother, legal fees, other medical necessities like tests and medications, Visa /Passport for Parents and New-Born, IVF / ICSI procedure including Embryo Freezing, Medications and other expenses for the surrogate, hotel accommodation and site seeing for intended parents. This makes it very advantageous for the foreigners.

Surrogacy arrangements currently costs from $15,000 to $20,000 approximately in India, most out of which actually goes to the surrogate. How much money goes to the surrogate mother depends, just like in any profession, on the experience of surrogate mother. For the surrogate mothers who are starting first time the amount paid is less then compared to the amount paid to the experienced surrogate. But normally about one-fourth of the package price goes to surrogate mother.

Normally surrogate mothers in India come from lower middle-class families. Surrogate mothers do it to enhance their family's financial condition. Many do it to pay their debts, to buy their own house or get their children a good education.

Pahlajani Surrogacy India is getting on a quiet revolution regarding a secure, permissible, affordable, and frustration-free journey to parenthood. The center has all the facilities required to deliver a full range of services to couples requiring assistance conceiving.

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