Sunday, 3 August 2014

Surrogacy for International Patients

Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Center assists the international patients from start to end of their journey of Surrogacy in India. It provides complete fertility package for patients from all around the world with infertility assistance, in vitro fertilization services, providing egg donors and surrogacy options as well.

How to go about surrogacy in India?

Generally, the couples considering surrogacy option are not sure how to go about the process, from where to start or who to consult. They might find it difficult to list down authentic surrogacy clinics from the list of numerous faux and dead links all over the internet which might lead them nowhere. For them, there are few things they should consider before selecting a particular clinic.

1.      Ensure that you establish a direct contact with the doctor and not through any agencies.
2.    Read the success stories of the particular clinic you are considering for surrogacy assistance.
3.    Find out whether the doctor writes blogs for the patients.
4.    Try to resolve your queries and question everything before deciding. (Ask about how surrogate would be arranged? Egg donation process?)
5.     Calculate the cost and compare it with other clinics.

After multiple surrogacy and IVF successes, Raipur has become a new destination for couples to seek surrogacy assistance. Many patients from across the world come to Raipur, capital of state Chhattisgarh in India for surrogacy and IVF, come for easy surrogacy and IVF assistance.

1.      You can book tickets online, and find the best deals by asking Indian travel agents in your city.
2.    Your husband can accompany you, or you can hand-carry his frozen sperm in a dry shipper (which you will need to borrow from your local infertility clinic) or in a dry ice box packed with dry ice.
3.    We can help arrange accommodation.
4.    You only need to make 4-6 visits to clinic in entire cycle. (You will need to spend 10 to 20 days at our clinic to complete an IVF cycle of treatment.)
5.     After embryo transfer, you can fry back to home.
6.    To make the process resistance free, we have protocols to establish direct contact of patient with us through emails.
7.     After going back home, you can have preliminary testing and care performed by your own doctor.

Over half of our patients come to us from Raipur, and other quarter of patients come from overseas, therefore we have experience to meet special needs of our patients.

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

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