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Why do you need to ask about 'Current Statistics' of a Fertility Clinic

Why the commissioning couples need to ask for CurrentStatistics of clinic before embarking on any surrogacy program?

Children born through surrogacy in Raipur have certainly put Raipur in a global picture. At Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Center, we ensure that the commissioning couples are informed with the ‘current statistics’ for the surrogacy cycles for the past three months.

For example – Your fertility specialist informs you, “In the past month, we did 10 egg donor cycles with fresh embryo transfer of 3 embryos on day 2 and p number were positive and q number were negative.”

What does this mean? Why is it necessary to ask about current statistics?

Asking for actual number of cycles (rather than percentage of your cycles) would help you know the status of your cycle. You should know that statistics should be divided into the following categories –
1.      self-cyclers - fresh transfer
2.    self-cyclers – Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)
3.    egg donor cycles - fresh transfer
4.    egg donor cycles - frozen embryo transfer

For self-cyclers - fresh transfer, you should enquire about the statistics of surrogacy cycles,
·        age under 30
·        age 30-35
·        age 36-40
·        age above 40

For self-cyclers – FET, enquire about same above four age categories.
In any of the above queries, if the clinic informs you by giving the actual number of embryo transfers in a given number of cycles during the particular period of time, then the clinic is honest. It is important to know the current statistics than the number of babies the clinic has delivered in a particular period of time. If you are not given actual data, do not bank on the clinic.

What are the signs of a quack fertility clinic?
  1. Payment to surrogate mother is kept a secret from you
  2. Clinic is not allowing establishing contact with surrogate mother after your child is born.
  3. High rate of surrogate hospitalizations
  4. False statistics

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