Thursday, 27 March 2014

Surrogacy Homes - Cosseted Shelter for Surrogate Mums

As a part of long term push, commercial surrogacy fueled enthusiasm of Indian doctors to cater foreign infertile couples seeking surrogacy help, due to certain legal implications in concerned countries. Despite certain inhibitions fused with India culture, foreigners seek surrogacy options in India for women here are amiable and restrain drinking or smoking. The idea of hopping an overseas flight to India became more common after the country balanced the equation of surrogates and genetic couples with the catalyst called commercial surrogacy. The science narrowed the geographical distances and washed away the ethnic inhibitions attached to a process like surrogacy, which is much widely accepted and respected.

The sensation about fraction-cost surrogacy offered in Raipur has put the capital of a decade born Chhattisgarh on world’s surrogacy map. Opening the floodgates for the outsourcing of foreign pregnancies, Raipur has emerged with state-of-art surrogacy homes; those replicate the best offered care for surrogate mothers.

Inside the walls of surrogacy homes, women—all married and with at least one previous child—trade the comforts of home to enroll as surrogates to support country’s medical tourism industry. Most spend their entire pregnancies within guarded residential facilities to bear the child of foreign couples in their journey that crossed continents and cultures. Surrogates are cloistered from the unwarranted environment to facilitate medical monitoring and evade inquest. The women are fed nutritious food, injected with iron (a common deficiency), and supervised away from prying in-laws, curious older children and inquisitive husbands with home they are allowed no home visits or sex. 

Women carry the genes with unexplained happiness for few specific reasons, fruit of motherhood, ending stigma of infertility for applicant couples and financial support to dream a better education and future for their own children. Women, who do a thankless job as home makers, are given a cosseted environment away from social spotlight in Pahlajani Surrogacy Home.

Surrogacy homes ensure monitored care of surrogate mothers throughout the pregnancy, for them to incubate the fertilized eggs of infertile couples. The day surrogacy care opened the doors of commercialization in India that added gross benefit to countries exchequer. However, the lucrative trend bought addition responsibilities for doctors to ensure finest services to both medical tourists and surrogate mothers. Unlike other clinics, which were brought under the legal scanner for scrimping on surrogate pay, Pahlajani IVF Clinic ascended towards safeguarding the rights of surrogate under the legal norms of the country.  

Sizable surrogacy programmes in Pahlajani IVF Clinic recruits women suitable to become a carrier for infertile couples. The clinic ensures legitimate incentive to surrogates against a yearlong benevolence of a surrogate. In the latest crafted legislation of Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi ensures notarized agreement between prospective surrogate and applicant couple to ensure the safeguard of interests of both. With monitored nurturing to assure smooth pregnancy, Pahlajani ensures after pregnancy checkups for healthy living of a surrogate.

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

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