Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Life of Surrogates at Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Center

Referring to one of the news publishing about social activists demanding to ban commercial surrogacy and to regularise it like egg donation. In the article, the data of three states are cited in reference to illiteracy, poverty and unemployment of women, who are mostly unaware of the contract terms and agree to become a surrogate mother mainly for funding the education of their children.

However, the scenario is different for women agreeing to assist infertile couples for surrogacy in Raipur. Although, Chhattisgarh has high women illiteracy rate but women who agree to become surrogate mothers for interfile couples at 

Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Center are given best understanding of the contract to ensure transparency and safeguard of the rights of both surrogate and infertile couple. 

To ensure that a surrogate does not feel exploited, a better understanding of her expectations from the process is taken. Considering that surrogacy is “commercial” in India, the balance in cost of surrogacy in India and remuneration to the surrogate mother is maintained.

At Pahlajani Surrogacy Care, the surrogates are kept under best medical care. They live in an environment of peace and sisterhood under the roof of Pahlajani Surrogacy Home, where they are given best medical assistance.
Indian surrogacy is often targeted about the authenticity of contract signed between commissioning parents and surrogates. The fact cannot be denied that there are several clinics which do not adhere to the provisions of remunerations. However, Pahlajani Surrogacy Care ensures that the rights of a surrogate, who is assisting a childless couple to complete their family.

Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Center is the only center in Chhattisgarh having an in-house embryologist and does not conduct IVF/ICSI in batches. With the number of successes in helping the childless couples in having their babies by providing best medical assistance to both surrogate and commissioning couple, we have climbed another step in the ladder of human connection. Knowing that giving birth for someone else is a job only a selfless human being with most giving heart can perform, Pahlajani Surrogacy Care derives its confidence from surrogates for showing their faith and performing commendable jobs for couples.

Along with the celebration of different festivals with the surrogates, we celebrate Mother’s Day, Women’s Day and even organise plantation drives for surrogates. Surrogates are made to feel like home in our surrogacy homes. The reports about the violation of laws and shortchanging the surrogates are baffling. Rights of surrogates should be safeguarded and they should be given best medical care.

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

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